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New fast-paced teen action trilogy

image   This is the first book in a new trilogy aimed at young adults, and yet I found myself quickly reading the action and mystery in this story.  As  much as I enjoy dystopian novels, it is nice to read a YA trilogy that is not.   The story begins on a subway, YOU are on the subway tracks and a train is pulling into the station.  You have no choice, but to lay flat and fold your arms against your chest and hope for the best.

You have no memory of who you are, why you are on the tracks, or what you are to do.  You have a backpack with some assorted items in it….clothes, money, a phone number, and the instructions DO NOT CALL THE POLICE.  The action starts immediately and flows smoothly.  Pacing of this book is perfect.  The intrigue of this books plays out as you discover what is happening to the main character as she discovers the truth and as her memory comes back to her.   She is a clever character with quick instincts, and skills that help keep her alive despite the many people trying to kill her.  I will definitely read the second book which comes out in June….only drawback to starting a trilogy when it is first published.  The waiting.


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