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All kinds of good stuff going on in this one!

book   “The Precious One” by Maria De Los Santos has been called a romance by some reviewers, but I think it is so much more.  It is a story of family, fathers and their children, mothers and their children, betrayals,  lost childhoods, lost loves,and yes….romance.

The story is told with two voices….Taisy who is now 35 years old, and her half-sister, Willow. who is 16 years old.  The two have never lived together and barely know each other.  Their father has kept their lives separate…he is shamed by the lives his first wife and his twins (Marcos and Taisy) have chosen.  Wilson (the father) has raised Willow in isolation.  She is an athlete, an intellect, and older than her years….mostly.  When it comes to socialization…she is dangerously naive.

Wilson suffers a heart attack, and he requests that Taisy comes and to stay for an indefinite amount of time.  Willow does not take kindly to this stranger invading her life.  As the sisters come to know each other and the truth to the past comes to light….their worlds are altered forever.  People that were seemingly gone or forgotten from years past…surface and lead to truth, to peace, and to love.



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