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What would you do to become a mother?

image  This is one crazy book…we all know that there are crazy people in the world, and this book has quite a few of these characters.  Holly Brown tells the story of 39 year-old Adrienne who is a second grade teacher, and has been married to Gabe for a long time.  Their marriage is strong, yet Adrienne wishes that they could add a child to their family.  They are not able to conceive.  They attempt adoption; however, they have a horrible experience the first time around.  They get a second chance with a 19 year-old girl who is pregnant…Leah.  Adrienne moves quickly not willing to let another baby slip from her grasp.  However, this path is one that she could never have imaged, and this time she will stop at nothing to keep this baby.

The book alternates between Adrienne and her husband, Gabe’s point of view….so you get to delve into both their thought processes and what their true intentions are in all this turmoil.  A quick read and quite fascinating to see how the mind could work for one so desperate for motherhood.


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