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Historical romantic trilogy

img_9945   For those lovers of historical fiction, here is a beautifully written trilogy that follows three Irish women in the early 1900s.  Kitty Deverill is the fourth child of Maud and Bertie Deverill.  She is loved by her father, but despised by her mother.  She grows up with her governess, tutor, and Bridie Doyle who is the daughter of the castle’s cook.   Kitty and Bridie are best of friends even though their worlds are  so different.  Kitty is Anglo-Irish where Bridie is Irish Catholic.  And to complicate matters even more,  Kitty falls in love with the son of the town’s veterinarian…though their love cannot be.

The Irish soon revolt to overthrow British rule in Southern Ireland, and their lives are thrown in turmoil.  Kitty has kept the secret that she has fallen in love with Jack from Bridie,  Bridie becomes resentful and does something scandalous that gets her sent away.  Jack then enlists to fight, and all that Kitty has come to know is falling apart.

Beautifully written with characters that will capture your heart.  There will be two more books in this trilogy to enjoy coming soon!!


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