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“The Final Volume of the Wicked Years”

maguire  I have in my hands the conclusion to The Wicked Series by Gregory Maguire entitled Out of Oz.  I must warn you that I have only read Wicked, and this was ages ago….way before the musical came about.  And, I did not read the two books that came between….(YIKES!).  [Those books are Son of a Witch and A Lion Among Men]   I have read many of Maguire’s other books, and I have adored his perspective and spin on an old story.  I love the way he takes the characters we all believe we know so well, and he helps us see things differently….he helps us realize things are not so black and white.

In this installment, he provides the reader with maps, family trees, and a brief description on the previous books….which was a tremendous aid to someone like me who is missing a few pieces to the puzzle.  The story begins with Dorothy (I am under the understanding that she has been absent since Wicked, but I could be mistaken).  Dorothy’s Aunt Em and Uncle Henry have sold everything to take her to see parts of the world to help her deal with her delusions….mental illness….obsession with OZ.  She has become some sort of freak in Kansas, and there seems to be no hope for her.  They head to San Francisco and spend the night.  The date is April 18, 1906.  You can see where this is heading……..(I will allow some time for you to google the date….if you need to  ; ))

In the Land of Oz, there is much chaos and Emerald City and Munchkinland are at odds, Glinda is on house arrest and the Cowardly Lion is on the run.  All very chaotic.  I do not want to reveal too much of the plot….but it is fast-paced and cleverly written…once again.  I am just a little unsure of the ending….it could be due to the fact that I have not read the entire series…..I must go back and do so.   I do recommend this novel for those who loved Wicked and the other tales that followed. A must read to complete this epic story.


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Enter the world of Neil Gaiman

  Fifteen years after its publication release, Stardust by Neil Gaiman has been released again in a beautiful hardback that reminds me of an old copy of Alice in Wonderland that I adore.   This is my first introduction to the world of Wall and Faerie where humans meet the supernatural.  Tristran Thorn is the result of a brief love affair between a faerie and Dunstan Thorn. Tristran grows up in Wall with no knowledge that he is half mortal.  One day he falls insanely in love with Victoria Forester, and he confesses his love to her.  She laughs and tells him she will give him his heart’s desire if he travels to Faerie and brings him a fallen star.

Like all loved-dazed teenagers, Tristran believes he can accomplish the task to win the heart of Victoria.  He sets off immediately and begins an adventure of the most bizarre and fanciful.  Tristran is naive enough not to understand the danger that lurks about, he is kind enough to see people as good, his is brave enough to fight for all, and smart enough to make his way through this unusual land.   He encounters unicorns, evil witches, poison, magical spells, enchantments, talking trees….all lead him to the star.  However, he is not the only one in pursuit of said star.  He must compete with others… who wants the star to unlock the secret to everlasting youth, another wants the star for power…while Tristran seeks love.  Tristran’s purpose seems pure…will that be enough?

It is a quick read….not appropriate for middle age readers or younger due to some mature situations, but for every lover of fantasy and fairy tales….it is a wonderful world to enter.

I have one copy available for a giveaway….see below for info:


If you would like to win a copy of Stardust by Neil Gaiman, please send me an email.  In the email tell me the following two things:

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I will pick one winner.  Contest ends November 9th at 6 pm.

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