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Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.51.01 AM   This is another thriller from author Laura Lippman, and one that I was drawn into, but unfortunately left confused and unimpressed by the ending.  The story revolves around a kidnapping case from 1985 where three girls…possibly more.  Two of the girls were raped and murdered leaving one free…Elizabeth Lerner.  Fast forward  a few decades, and Elizabeth is now Eliza Benedict married with two children.  She receives a letter from the man who kidnapped her when she was 15.  Walter has been on death row and his execution date is fast approaching.  He wants to meet with Eliza to discuss important matters that happened during those 6 weeks he held her captive.

Eliza begins to question her memories of the events and wants again becomes captivating by Walter and writes him back, and then allows him to phone her….and then agrees to a meeting.

This story was suspenseful and had so much potential, but sadly the ending left me wanting more.



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One Step Too Far

image   This book was a hard one for me to read….it was wonderfully written and full of suspense.  I don’t want to give too much away….because this is one of those books that shocks you from beginning to end.  It is about Emily Coleman.  A young mother of a 2 year old boy, who lives in her dream home outside London, and is married to a wonderful man.  One day, she gets up way before dawn, sneaks away with a new identity and leaves her current life behind.  What?  I almost threw the book down…so angry at this woman.  Who does this?  I kept reading anyway to see this woman, who has changed her name to Cat, move in with a girl who gets her addicted cocaine and a wild lifestyle….I grew increasingly angry….and then the twist…..the big, horrible twist came into play.  If you think you know what this book is about…you are wrong.



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The Pocket Wife

image  The Pocket Wife by Susan Crawford is a look into the world of bipolar disorder.  Dana Catrell seems like a normal suburban housewife with a son in college and a successful lawyer…and yet life is not as it seems.  Dana suffers from bipolar disorder, and her life is thrown into turmoil one afternoon.  She remembers going to her neighbor Celia’s house for a few drinks and some gossip.  Her memory becomes foggy ,and she blacks out…she wakes up on her couch with no memory only to learn that Celia has been murdered.

Dana starts to question what happened while she was blacked out and if she is responsible for the murder….details start to come out…deceit, adultery, lies…..and Dana is caught up in the middle.

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