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Sweetly romantic and lovely

france   After reading another Dystopia novel (which I love….but need a break from) and a cheesy romance, it was refreshing to read Somewhere in France by Jennifer Robson.  This book is not due to be released until January 2014, so make sure you put it on your wish list now….you only have a few weeks to wait.   It is the story of Lady Elizabeth who feels the life of British wealth, luxury and manners is not quite her destiny.  She has older sisters who have married and a dear brother, Edward, who is fighting in the Great War.  While everyone is away, Lily (Lady Elizabeth)  takes this opportunity to rebel and defy her parents.  She moves to London and learns to live by her own means.

She eventually becomes an ambulance driver and is sent to France.  It is here where she meets up with a childhood friend, Dr. Robert Fraser.  There has been chemistry between them for years,  but social propriety has kept them apart.  Now it the midst of war, it becomes increasingly difficult for the two to hide their passion.  Yet Robbie feels more strongly that he needs to protect Lily from the war and is determined to do just that…even if he must break her heart.  He is determined for her to be safe, and she is determined to fulfill her wartime duty.  Will their love survive the war?


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Congrats to Leslie F.!!

Leslie won the giveaway of  The Pursuit of Mary Bennet.
Thanks to everyone who entered….there were a ton of Facebook postings!   Yeah!!

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