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The Sixth-Sense Creepy

51Kw0XkOhDL._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_  In the spirit of The Sixth Sense and other ghost stories, author Cat Winters brings you The Uninvited.   The story takes place in 1918 during WWI and the great influenza epidemic which killed millions of people….all true and scary stuff.  The story centers around 25 year-old Ivy Rowan who awakes from the flu only to discover just how much things have changed in her small town.  Ivy has a gift passed down from the women in her family….a gift that she does not welcome.  She has the ability to see the ghosts of people who have passed, but these ghosts only bring more sadness, for they have the ability to foretell a death of a loved one.

Ivy awakes and quickly spies a ghost, and she fears for her family.  Soon enough she learns that her father and younger brother have just murdered a young German man in town out of revenge.  Ivy is appalled and leaves home to make amends with German man’s brother.  Ivy understands the grief of losing a brother, for her brother Billy has been killed overseas in the war.  Once Ivy leaves her farmhouse, her life starts to spiral out of control.  She discovers friendship, sickness, sadness, death, joy, music, and love.  Through the next few days, secrets will be discovered as she continues to see more and more of the ghosts.  What are they trying to tell her?  Can she forgive her father and brother?  Can she help make amends with the young German man?

A quick read….lots of questions throughout…all which will be answered.


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