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Fun beach read!

image    Another great beach read from author Dorothea Benton Frank.  This one is called All Summer Long.  Olivia is a reputable interior designer in New York City, married to her true love, Nick, and has fabulous apartment that holds all her numerous collections.  Life seems perfect except…clients are becoming fewer and money is running out.  Also, Nick wants to retire to his childhood state…the low country of South Carolina.  Olivia reluctantly agrees, and she is thrown into many life changing moments all while trying to build her business back up without appearing desperate.  Her biggest client is billionaire Bob Vasile and his 4th wife, Maritza invite them for a cruise in the Virgin Islands for Memorial Day with a cast of rich, obnoxious people.   Olivia agrees…hoping to snag some new clients.  What is in store for the couple is a wild journey into a world of obscene wealth.

A great read with colorful characters on a fun adventure!   I also love both Nick and Olivia as individual characters and as a sweet, loving couple.


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