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Can’t fight fate….or can you?

Young Annie Rush has always dreamed of leaving the family maple syrup business in Vermont for adventure.  She is a culinary genius and a film maker, and she has the desire to pursue her dreams outside of Switchback, Vermont.  She then falls in love with the new boy in town, Fletcher.  He is mysterious and handsome, and it seems her dreams disappear.  Until tragedy strikes and Fletcher and Annie’s life derails.

Annie moves to LA with the “perfect” husband and the “perfect” career.  Her life seems perfect for over 10 years, and then tragedy strikes again.   Annie’s life is sent into a whirlwind and back to Vermont….

Love, family, loss, and belonging are all part of this feel-good story.



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Maine and authors…two of my favorite things

As I sat here in hot and humid South Carolina, I read The Bar Harbor Retirement Home for Famous writers (and their muses) by Terri-Lynn DeFino.  This book was pure delight.   The book takes place in Bar Harbor (which is where I will be in a month!!) in a retirement home for a selective group of authors.   The home was started by Cornelius Traegar who felt that these authors needed a place of peace to live out their days, and he chose the beautiful coast of Maine in Bar Harbor.

The story focuses on three famous authors and their muse: Cecibel.   Cecibel lives and works at The Pen (the retirement home), and she has a dark past in which she is escaping.  She finds comfort within the walls of the home.  When Alfonse Carducci, a literary legend and Cecibel’s idol, comes to spend the last few months of his life….reality and fantasy start to blend together as Alphonse begins to write again….he shares his story with fellow authors and residents, and the story takes on a life of its own.

I loved this story….I loved the flawed characters with their tragic pasts, and how they all come to find peace, love, and a new start in Bar Harbor.

There are a few racy scenes in this book….so reader beware.


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Summer Beach/Lake/Mountain/Forest/Island read

Where ever you find yourself relaxing and reading this summer, this is the book for you.  Jess and Lillo were grand friends when they were little and were at summer camp, but the years have passed, and the distance between them has been too great.   Now Jess is getting married and invites Lillo to attend.   Lillo leaves her sanctuary of Lighthouse Beach to attend.   She meets Jess’ two college friends: Allie and Diana and go out for drinks and dinner.  Afterwards, they discover the groom-to-be in a compromising position with a waitress.   Jess is devastated, so her friends decide to rescue her from a  heartbreaking marriage, and they all run away to Lighthouse Beach.   They spend the week in Lillo’s tiny cottage where they are all reborn…they all learn to discover that there can be true love and friendship after tragedy.

Jess has been in mentally abusive relationship since she was a child from not only her ex-fiance, but her wealthy, snotty parents.  Diana has been successful in her career, but not in the marriage department.   Allie is a young widow with a 4 year-old son and not sure what life holds for her.  Lillo has experienced a terrible tragedy and has chosen to hide away in her cottage on the island and distance herself from the world.   This all changes after a week together.   Remember….together we are all stronger.

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A piece of unknown history

I read this so quickly!  I love history and I love a good story, and Janet Beard did not disappoint me with this story.   It takes place the 19402 during WWII.  In Tennessee, the government created a secret hidden town called Oak Ridge.  This was part of the Manhattan Project to create the Atomic Bomb, and these are fictional stories about the people who worked and lived there.   The story tells how June, a local country girl, comes to work the mysterious knobs and dials of these machines that she is sworn to secrecy to not tell a soul anything about.  There is her roommate Cici who is not who she seems.  Sam Cantor is an angry, young Jewish physicist who is there for reasons that frighten him.  And Joe Brewer, one of my favorite characters.   He comes to work in construction here to make money to support his young family.

Most are working without knowing that they are creating a devastating weapon, and reality does not set it until the bombing of Hiroshima.

While I was reading, I would stop and research the town of Oak Ridge and the Manhattan Project.  It was a somber experience to put it mildly.

I highly recommend.

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Action, mystery, and romance


Tosca Lee is a New York Times Bestselling author, and here are two excellent reasons for that!   She has written a story of mystery and intrigue…a story that keeps you reading and keeps you guessing.

Emily Porter finds herself in a small-town in Maine in a tiny house with a woman who is her caretaker…she awakes to realize she has no memory of her past….she knows nothing.  All she knows about her life is what her caretaker shares and from a short letter she had written to herself before her memory was taken.   As Emily tries to find her way in this small New England town, she “meets” Luka who works at the local grocer and quickly she discovers the two of them are linked in her past.   She also discovers that her real name is not Emily…it is Audra and she is descended from one of the most famous serial killers of all times — Elizabeth Bathory.  Once Audra begins to undercover the true, she realizes that she and others that she cares for are in danger.   She is in a race to not only save lives and discovers who she can trust, but also piece together the clues and letters that were left behind by her mother.

The books are quick reads, and all full of action and riddles and mysteries with some romance tossed in.  I would recommend this for adult and young adult readers.  These books would make a great kick-off for summer reading!!

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Karin Slaughter has a way to show us the lives of dark and twisted people in such a shocking story.   This time she does it in the book The Kept Woman.

Characters: good cops, bad cops, pimps, sports agents, medical doctors, untouchable basketball players, jealous wives….and more.

The cast of characters is huge! They all seem to have tragic pasts full of mistakes….some continue to make these mistakes while others are trying to put the pieces of their shattered lives back together.

Plot: Dead ex-cop is found is an abandoned construction site.  Clues at the scene reveal there is something deeper here beyond simple murder and that there may have been multiple fatalities at the site….but where are the other bodies.? And who exactly would want an ex-cop dead?  This is just the beginning of an intricate story that weaves itself through many different  various walks of life…. GBI investigator Will Trent and his partner Faith work to put the pieces of this troubling crime in place.


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Terrifying and complex


This book is a bit disturbing…a bit creepy….and it was a little addicting.  I had to find out what happened and was hoping for a happy ending in this story full of deception and unthinkable crimes.

The main characters are two new mothers who both are experiencing Postpartum Depression:  Daphne and Laurel.   They meet in a support group for mothers who are also diagnosed with depression.  They seem like unlikely friends at first.  Daphne is quite insecure and worried about being a good mother while Laurel has distanced herself from motherhood and is self-absorbed.   Both of their daughters are named Chloe (this is a bit confusing, but I think that was the author’s point because the story gets more complex as one reads on).  Daphne is diagnosed with Postpartum Mood Disorder and attached herself to Laurel….quite unhealthily.  She dresses like her, gets her hair done the same, and joins the same gym.

Things quickly spiral out-of-control….enter a mental institute, a recluse author, a creepy tower, a dead body, and mysteries from years ago….all this adds up to an intricate mystery that you have to read to discover just how dark the human mind can get.

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