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Calling all Fans of Ray Bradbury

   OK….I am not completely finished with this collection of short stories, but I am love with the stories and wanted to share them with all lovers of Ray Bradbury as soon as womanly possible.   This is a collection of short stories written by authors who have been influenced by Ray Bradbury.  This is a celebration of him!  What a wonderful thing….and what is more wonderful is that this was put together before his death (June of this year).  He wrote the first chapter….which I have read several times (once aloud to my husband who humors my love of the written word).

Anyone who has read Bradbury knows that he loves to write about the unusual and the eerie….he writes about wicked things, places where it only rains, and firemen who start fires.  From the beginning, Ray was a born writer.  He knew what people longed to read about and more importantly –what needed to be written. He wrote Fahrenheit 451 in a library at the University of California.  He rented a typewriter for a dime for every half hour.  He spent $9.80 in dimes to type the first draft of this timeless story.  He believed that one needed to love what he did and should spend their time doing what they loved.  He was a writer and that is what he did.  He was not concerned about money nor fame (he sold Fahrenheit for $400 to Galaxy magazine).  He was also an inspiration, an advocate, and a teacher for future writers.  Here is a quote from him that is close to my heart: “Reading is at the center of our lives.  The library is our brain.  Without the library, you have no civilization.”  He said this during an interview in the year 2000.

The stories within this pages are from authors like Neil Gaiman, Margaret Atwood, Alice Hoffman, Sam Weller, and so many more authors who have a special place in their hearts for Ray Bradbury.  At the end of each of their Bradburysque stories, there is a brief summary from the author about Bradbury’s influence.  It is so well worth the read.

So if you like werewolves, tales of the future, the afterlife, and other supernatural themes….get this book…you won’t be disappointed.  Now excuse me, I have a book to finish.


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