The Color of Our Sky

  Amita Trasi is the author of this emotional story of two childhood friends in India in 1986.  Two friends from different castes – unlikely friends.  Mutka is from a lower class and is destined to become a temple prostitute while Tara’s family is an upper caste and her father takes in orphans and finds safe homes for them.   He takes in Mutka.  Mutka and Tara become as close as sisters until tragedy strikes once again, and Mutka is kidnapped in the middle the night in front of Tara.  Soon after, Tara and her father leave India behind and move to America to start over.

Now in the beginning of a new century, Tara finds her way back to India to find her childhood friend, and what she discovers is more shocking than she could imagine.

This is an emotional read…a story where I was invested in the characters….wanted to keep reading to find some hope.  The story centers around the sex slave trade in India and how truly awful their world is….unconceivable.  The story is not an easy one to read, and even though the characters and this particular story is fiction….the India sex slave is not fiction.   This book will stay with me for quite a long time.

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