Revenge and the modern world

img_0451  I have read several of Holly Brown’s books, and they have offered some fresh…something original.  This is Not Over does not disappoint.  It is the story about how the ever-present Internet can truly mess with our lives.  The story goes between two women:  Miranda, an older woman who is married to a doctor and has an estranged son who is a meth addict, and Dawn who is a 25 year-old newly married woman who has a troubled past.  The two become involved through….think   Miranda has a multimillion dollar home that she rents in Santa Monica, and Dawn and her husband rent it short-term.  After they have rented it, Miranda emails and informs Dawn that she will only receive half of the deposit money because of damage to the rental.  Dawn is shocked and confused…what damage?  What follows is an angry review on by Dawn followed by rebuttal after rebuttal.   Soon Miranda fears for her life and her son’s life while Dawn’s marriage begins to crumble….all because of one bad review.

The story moves quickly  and as it is unfolds, the reader begins to unravel the truth.  Things aren’t always what they seem, and one never knows who to trust.


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