A captivating memoir

img_9512   This is Aspen Matis’ memoir of the months she spent finding her strength, and who she truly is while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail….2,650 miles from Mexico to Canada.

Debby Parker, Aspen’s name before she began her trek , grew up with loving and caring parents….both Harvard Law Graduates.  She grew up in Massachusetts in a happy town with two older brothers….life seemed good.  Yet her mother was quite overprotective of her and did not allow her much space or freedom to make her own choices and take care of herself.  This is what lead Debby to enrolling in college in Colorado….to live on her own and so far away.  On her second night at college, she is raped.  The rape is not acknowledged by the college and Debby began to feel the rape was her fault.  She lost her confidence and feared for who she truly was.  With her parents blessing and money, she quits school and heads onto the PCT for a life-changing experience.

I could not stop reading her story….her strength, her fears, her sadness, her self-doubt, and eventually her rebirth.   Such a great read!  It makes me want to explore the PCT….maybe not all 2, 650 miles of it….but maybe a week or so on the trail.


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