We all have family secrets…right?

image  Here is another mystery novel by Laura Lippman called Wilde Lake.  This one revolves around a prominent political family in Columbia, Maryland.  It spans over several decades and focusing on Luisa Brant, the first woman state’s attorney for Howard County.  He father was a previous one.  Lu grows up motherless…her mother died a week after she was born.  Her older brother, AJ, is a all-American boy: clever, funny, outgoing, kind, athletic, and friends with everyone.  Lu is almost the opposite…she is smart, but more of a loner and one tough cookie.

The story involves a night of teenage partying that ends badly and those events come back to the present to haunt Lu and her family.  Lu has a new murder case which seems quite simple, and yet there is so much more involved that keeps her digging deeper and deeper until she not only uncovers the truth about the current case, but it creates an intriguing trail of bread crumbs that goes back to her birth and will reveal things about herself, her brother, her father, and all those around her that she never knew.

This novel was well-written and the characters were well-developed and all very flawed.  I love when an author writes the characters with flaws and unappealing qualities…that is reality…this makes them so authentic.  Perhaps not as likable, but you cannot argue that these characters are not realistic.  They make poor decisions and these decisions impact their entire lives….this is reality.  Good read.


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