Murder Mystery Hollywood Style

image  Another book by Hallie Ephron that had me hooked from the beginning..she has a way of weaving a story of suspense filled with twists and turns.  I like this book because it bounces between two decades:  the 60s and the 80s.  Fun stuff to read about.  But it was the characters and the story that kept me reading…I cared about them.  Not in a friendly-way…but I truly wanted to know the truth…find out the secrets.

It is 1985 in Los Angeles, and Deirdre is coming to help her father pack up his Beverly Hills house in order to sell.  When she arrives, she finds her dad floating face-down in the swimming pool…dead.    This is when it gets good….a cast of characters enter into the story.  Her older brother, Henry, who lives with dad and works on Harley Davidsons, her childhood best friend Joelen and her movie star mom Bunny, the family friend and lawyer, Sy, and her hippie mom Gloria.    All well-developed and have authentic voices.

Arthur Unger’s swimming pool death is not a an accident and more tragic events are about to unfurl, and they all go back to 1963.  In 1963, there was a murder at Bunny and Joelen’s house…and that murder and its secrets have been kept hidden until now.  I love this story and how the ending is not candy-coated and does not rise to higher moral ground…making it more realistic.


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