The things our minds forget…

image  This is the second book by Lisa Ballantyne that I have read and reviewed.  And she did not disappoint.  This is called Everything She Forgot, and is journey into the human mind and how it can hide vital memories and experiences when trying to protect us.  The book is also about the human spirit….both evil and good.  The story is fast-paced and intense.  There were quite a few scenes of child abuse that caused me to set the book down for a bit and think happy thoughts, but those scenes were necessary to the development of not only the characters, but to the story.

The story begins with Margaret Holloway driving home from work (she is a teacher) during a terrible snowstorm.  She is involved in one of the worst multiple car accidents in London and finds herself trapped in her burning car.  She is rescued by a mysterious man who promptly disappears after he pulls her from the car window.  After the accident, Margaret begins to remember things…things from her past that will connect her to the mysterious man who rescued her.

Margaret’s life as she knew it has changed.  Is she willing to come to terms with the truth…with her past?  Or will she hide away?


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