Mystic Romance

image  This story grabbed me from the start…the story surrounds the magically wild and eccentric Sparrow Sisters.  The sisters come from a long-line of Sparrows who live in Granite Point, tiny seaside town in New England.  The sisters have their place and have no desire to change any of it.  The sisters are single.  No interest in marriage.  They are perfectly content to live together on their century-old land with their plants, flowers, and trees.  Patience, the youngest sister, has a gift,  She is known as the town healer and uses the flowers and plants on her property to help the townspeople with their aches, pains, and other assorted ailments.  She is respected by all.

A new young doctor comes to town.  Dr. Henry Carlyle.  He quickly learns of Patience and her abilities.  He is intrigued.  Patience meets him.  She is intrigued.  What follows is a wonderful, beautiful, and captivating love story….that is until the plants, trees, and all the living things on the Sparrow’s property begin to wither away.  What will it take to save the blight…save the sisters and ultimately bring the town back together?  What has caused the sudden tragedy to occur?  Does it really span back three-hundred-years’ ago?

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