A Novel of Dining and Deceit (I stole this from the cover)

image   22 year-old Tia Monroe wants nothing more than to intern for the fabulous Helen Lanky…a culinary giant.  Tia has moved to New York City to attend the Food Studies Graduate program at NYU.  She is laser-focused on this goal and will do anything to accomplish it.

She quickly learns about the cut-throat competition (not the one on Food Network…hahahaha) in the restaurant industry, and becomes a major player when she accidentally meets Michael Saltz, legendary food critic.  He sinks his claws into her and woos her with unlimited clothes, purses, shoes, and fancy meals as long as she agrees to work with him…secretly and without credit.  Tia is all too ready to do whatever it takes to make her dreams come true and, so she agrees.  She finds herself thrown into a deceitful and conniving business.  In the process, she loses her grip on reality and the people who truly cared for her in return in exchange for the fame she so desires. She quickly becomes the talk of the town, but with all this attention…who can she trust?  Does anyone has good intentions?

Is she able to find her footing or will she fall victim to this ever-changing career in the culinary field?  Will she remain in NYC or return to her small-town?


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