Historical Fiction–a delight

Product DetailsThis is the second book by Hazel Gaynor that I have read, and I must say that she has a knack for writing a compelling historical fiction novel.  This was spans two different times periods….the late 1800’s and the early 1900’s.  It takes place in London and describes the poverty and hardships that many young girls faced who were crippled, blind, and orphaned.  The story focused on three women:  sisters Florrie and Rosie in 1876.  Rosie is blind and Florrie, the older sister, is crippled.  The two become orphans and have to find a way in the markets selling flowers.  Until one tragic day, when 4 year-old Rosie is taken from Florrie on a crowded bridge.  Florrie spends her years searching for her sister….never giving up hope.

In 1912, we follow Tilly who has come to London to work as a headmistress at a home for crippled girls who create beautiful handmade flowers for the people of London.  It is her that Tilly, who has her own issues, discovers the diary of Florrie and becomes entrapped in the story of her kidnapped sister.   A wonderful read with strong female characters.

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