I couldn’t read fast enough

forgetting  This is a novel by John Burley who has written previously.  [Note to self: look into reading those titles]  This is called The Forgetting Place, and it is a fast-paced read that begins at Menaker Hosptial….a state hospital….a correctional psychiatric facility.  Five years early, Dr. Lise Shields arrives to this place that she finds depressing from the start, but when a patient, Jason Edwards, arrives with no paperwork and no reason for being admitted….Dr. Shields life grows dangerous.   She wants to help this man that she knows so little about, but suddenly she learns more than she could imagine about him.  Two men are watching her…following her.  Dr. Wagner, the head psychiatrist, provides no answers and seems to be part of the danger.  She wants to save Jason Edwards….to help him….but she feels alone and unsure who she can trust.

The story reads quickly and twists and turns in all the right places….the ending was phenomenal .  I highly recommend that you read this….soon.  Like now.  Seriously.


Side note:  this is a follow-up to his book The Absence of Mercy.  Not sure how that would change this book….but I had no confusion in reading this one.  I will go and read the first one….no question.

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