Life in the new technology era

image  Matt Richtel has spun a fascinating  true narrative revolving around a horrific car accident in Utah.  The accident occurred in 2006, and it took the lives of two rocket scientists.  Reggie Shaw is a quiet, responsible young man who was driving to work on a rainy morning.  He seemed distracted according to the man who was behind Reggie for several miles.  Reggie’s car slowly drifts into the oncoming lane and brushes a car….a car with two rocket scientists on their way to work.  Both scientist would be killed instantly.  Reggie has no idea what happened.

The book bounces between the story of the accident and the events that unfold in the years following, and it looks into the study of the human mind and how technology affects the mind.  Just how much information can our minds handle?  How much can we focus when we are enveloped with technology everywhere….primarily our smartphones.

The book is fascinating…a bit technical in parts, but truly fascinating.  It begs the question:  “are we now slaves to our technology that once was a slave to us?”

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