Chilling Murder Case

dark rooms   This is the first novel from Lili Anolik, and it leaves quite the impression.  It is called DARK ROOMS and has a blurb on the cover that compares it to Twin Peaks.  I have never seen Twin Peaks; even though, it seems like something that I should have watched in my younger years, but for some unknown reason…I never did.  Perhaps it is on Netflix , and  I could investigate the appeal.   Anyway,  this story is chilling, a bit taboo and very dark.

Grace Baker’s younger 16-year old sister is found shot to death in the graveyard.  Her name was Nica, and she is quite the character.  Beautiful, sassy, wild and dangerous.  The murder is solved quickly, but Grace does not accept the confession from the supposed killer.  She begins to dig into the events and people surrounding Nica, and what she discovers is quite disturbing.

The characters in this novel are thrillingly creepy.  The most disturbing character (in my opinion) is Grace and Nica’s mother.  She is an a artist…a photographer….quite the eccentric.  Her favorite subject to photograph is her daughter Nica….in some of the most unusual and inappropriate situations.  And Nica is happy to allow her mother to take these photographs.  It is through these photographs that lead Grace on to the shocking truth about her life and the people in it.  Grace, herself, begins to spiral out=of-control.  She begins to take drugs and quits school.  She finds herself at wild parties that she would never have attended before….she begins to blackout.  Her life is altered.

I read this book quickly and I enjoyed it….this is not to say there are not a few loose ends and a few extra characters that could have been edited from the novel.   I was just not sure who was playing an important role in the novel and who was simpler filler.  Other than that….I would recommend this title to anyone who likes to read a twisted and bizarre story of murder, sex and deceit.



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