Once again I am late to the party.

Image not available   So William Morrow Publishing sends me this book — To Dwell In Darkness by Deborah Crombie.  I quickly discovered she writes a series of detective/murder mystery novels.  Cool.  I like those.  Then I think….”hmmmm, I wonder what number this is?  3…maybe 4.”  No, it is her 16th book in the series.  I am not mad at her…just sad I did not know about detectives Gemma and Duncan…married couple…but maybe they have not been married in precious novels.  Maybe, there was some romance or sexual work tension that I have missed out on.  So now, I am going to have to go back and see just what occurs in those 15 other novels.

Let me clarify one thing….this book (To Dwell In Darkness) was a pleasure to read without having read any of the others.  I loved the characters which is such a crucial part of enjoying a story.  If I don’t care about them, then I do not care about the plot — no matter how intense the plot.  The stories revolve around detective superintendent Duncan Kincaid  and detective Gemma James…..married with children and living in London.  This novel focuses on two investigation.  The main focus is on the events that enfolded at the historical site of St. Pancras International Station involving a deadly bombing that stems from a group of 20 year-old protesters.  The action moves quickly…the suspense is intense and the characters were people who I would like to know better.  I am going to have to schedule a trip to the library to get her first few books.


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