And Christina Baker Kline does it again

christina  It seems as if every other post is another book by Christina Baker Kline, and here is yet another one.  This is a story about starting over when life seems to have hit a wall, and how a person can change their own path and be happy.  Seems simple…yet so complex.  The story is called The Way Life Should Be.   The book follows Angela who lives alone in New York and is a party planner.  She likes her job, but it is not her passion.  She has yet to discover what that may be.  Meanwhile all her friends are getting married and having babies….and Angela feels stagnant.  Her friend Lindsay has recently met a wonderful online dating service, so on a whim Angela tries it.  She sends a message to a man named MAINECATCH.   She thinks it is silly and that nothing will come of it….but life moves quickly.  She begins a relationship with him, soon loses her job, moves in with her father and Nonna and then decides to leave it all behind and move to Maine for a man she barely knows.

Her father and friends warn her against it, but she is not thinking logically….she reacts.  Maine does not hold what she imagined in her head, and yet when she seems to be at her darkest point…she pulls herself up and discovers what makes her happy.  I love this book because it takes place in Maine (a place I will be vacationing soon), and it is about the simple life:  a cup of coffee, a few true friends, a good book and a warm blanket. It about taking something that is falling apart and building it up.  Making life cozy…isn’t that what we all want?


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