Can love find a way?

vintage  Violet is in her late 30’s and owns a unique vintage clothing shop.  Who doesn’t love vintage?  How romantic it is to be a part of something from the past….Violet embraces this philosophy since her present situation is devoid of any romance.  She left her drunken husband five years early, and she has put all her emphasis on Hourglass Vintage….her shop.  Romance, marriage and motherhood have put placed far from her thoughts.  Yet, she still has a glimmer of someday falling in love and becoming a mother.  Then she is meets Sam….sparks fly and love blooms (excuse the overabundance of clichés).  Yet, there is one thing that puts a wedge between them and could be a deal-breaker for a forever love.

April is a pregnant 18-year old whose well-to do boyfriend…excuse me…ex-boyfriend has left her high and dry.  There were plans for the two of them to wed, but Charles mother cancelled the wedding and ended their relationship.  April has acquired an internship at Hourglass Vintage and is trying to build a life for herself despite the failed wedding and the death of her mother.  Can she find the strength to build a love with her new child on her own?

And finally, there is Amithi.  Married for decades to her husband Naveen and mother to her self-centered, modern daughter Jayana, Amithi has never made her needs a priority until she decides to step inside Hourglass Vintage to sell some silk dresses.  Soon after, she discovers her husband has been cheating on her for years.  Shocked and betrayed….she leaves Naveen and begins to forge a path to independance….something exciting and new to her.  Will she have to take this new journey alone?

The book is a quick, light-hearted read.  The female characters are developed and portray strong women.  I just wish that the men had more depth to them….it seems too easy to make them the villain all too often.


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  1. I’ll take this one next, if you’d like to share 🙂

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