Loved this one!

dragonflies   This is the first novel by Sarah Creech, and I was impressed.  I had this book sitting on my shelf for a little while and kept putting off reading it.  The description did not grab my full attention:  family perfume business run by women…blah blah blah…why did I want to read about perfume?   Let me tell you, I assumed quite incorrectly.  The story is sensual, heartwarming, painful, full of magic and mystery and there are a few attractive men thrown in and they seem to know their way around a woman. Wink-wink.

The story follows the Lenore women of the Blue Ridge Mountains who have had an unusual and extremely successful business making perfume from a rare gardenia.  They only sell the perfume to a select few who are willing to pay millions for it.  They have been able to keep their perfume a secret for over three generations, but now something has changed.  The flowers are dying.  Willow and her two daughters, Mya and Lucia, must find a way to save the business without giving up their secret as well as find a way to love each other and find love themselves.

I loved the characters….the men were adorable…Ben, Luke and James.  The women were all unique with their own distinct voices….I read this in a rushed frenzy drinking in the lives of these characters in the picturesque town of Quartz Hollow.


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