Sexy and adventurous

night diver   Night Diver  by Elizabeth Lowell  is full of suspense and romance….two intriguing elements of any story.  The story revolves around Kate Donnelly and her family’s diving business.  Kate grew up with a family of divers and it was all she knew….until that one tragic night that sent her far from the island and the sea to a safe landlocked existence.  A lonely existence filled with only her career.  Until her brother, Larry, telephones with a desperate plea for her to come back and help save the business from bankruptcy.  She is hesitant.  What once was her life is now her greatest fear….the ocean.

She returns with the plan to stay off the boat and help her brother and grandpa.  However, as we know life does not always work out as we plan.  The business is in dire straits and there is a possibility of a thief aboard Golden Bough .  If that isn’t enough to keep her there longer…enter Holden Cameron (yes, I did keep calling him Holden Caulfield….a bit frustrating).  Holden is a former British Military diver (yes, I imagined him with an accent….it makes it oh so much more authentic)  He is there to investigate the dive at hand.  They have been diving to retrieve treasure from an ancient Pirate Ship and there are just too many pieces that are not adding up.

Holden is arrogant and rude….and smart and handsome and strong and sexy….Kate is drawn to him and vice versa.  There are several steamy scenes within this suspenseful novel….I’d take your time while reading or even rereading those sections.


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  1. Diane Kammerer

    I may have to read this just bc of the name of the character….okay, maybe not, I don’t want to have a reason to taint my version of MY Holden! 😏

    Date: Sun, 18 May 2014 22:20:02 +0000

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