Beach read….quick and sweet

beach house   This new book by Georgia Bockoven is perfect for anyone looking for a variety of stories filled with love, friendship, hardship and family.  The book is Return to the Beach House.    There are three stories that all unfold at this beautifully renovated beach house in California.  The house once belonged to Joe and Maggie….a couple bonded together by true love…awwwww… sweet.  Sadly, they are no longer alive, but they continue to influence the people who rent out the house.

The first story follows Alison and her 17 year-old grandson who have rented the house for a month to help them move on with their lives after losing two close family members.  It is here that they rediscover happiness, love and a new start to their lives.  We then enter into August, where four college friends have rented the house to reconnect after years of separation.  Carrie, Danielle, Bridget and Angie come to discover some of the tragedies and struggles they have all kept hidden during their absences and learn to rise above them and live anew.  Finally, we jump ahead to January where Matthew and Lindsey have arrived.  The two are busy photographers….one photographs graphic images of war while the other is an award-winning wildlife photographer.  They have been a couple for 10 years, but the distance that their careers have provided them has been too much of a strain on their relationship….will they be able to find a way to hold their love together or will they discover that not everything is forever?

A quick read….perfect for laying out by a lake with the fresh mountain air or on the sand with a salty breeze…whichever suits you best.

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