Heartbreaking tale of family

two sisters  I am sure there is a point in everyone’s life where we all stop and think “my family sure is a bit dysfunctional.”  And on some level…all families are a little crazy, but I found myself thanking my parents for their unconditional love and support through my life after reading Two Sisters  by Mary Hogan.  Now I read this book fast…crazy fast.   It was written in a style that bounced from generation to generation within chapters, but it was written with such easy transition that I was not once left confused.

The story is about Muriel and her perfect older sister Pia.  Both are adults now, and have lived extremely different lives in large part to their mother’s influence. It has not been a secret that Lidia has also favored Pia who she calls perfection and resented Muriel.  The sisters are as opposite as can be.  Muriel lives alone, overweight, messy and a disappointment to her mother….just like her mother predicted.  Pia  has married well, has a huge mansion, a wonderful daughter, has not lost her timeless beauty….she is her mother’s pride and joy.

As the story unfolds, we are treated to the deep, dark secrets that started years ago when Lidia met Owen….and quickly married him and Pia followed soon after.   The sisters grew up in a volatile home and were never encouraged to be nice to each other…as result…they are not friends in adulthood.  Then, one Sunday morning, Pia shows up at Muriel’s crowded New York apartment and changes their lives forever.


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