girl  This is a mystery/suspense/love/action story that I read really, really fast.  It is a story about George Foss who has settled into a simple, lonely life of 40 years.  He has he career  and a small apartment and his cat.  Sure, he has a”friendship” with Irene…but it is not heading anywhere serious.  And there was that time in college with Audrey…he fell in love as a freshman with this beautiful, smart girl.  Over winter break, Audrey commits suicide, and George’s life will never be the same.

It is in a bar, when he sees Liana Dector…a mysterious and dangerous woman from his past.  It has been 20 years since she went missing after she was accused of murder.  She has found George.  She needs George.  And George is quite naive and trusting (I like him for this….though I wish he was a bit smarter about it all).  He is quickly caught up with Liana, and what follows is a story that reads like Hitchcock.  I really enjoyed this …I don;t want to give too much away since the suspense and mystery truly is what makes this an appealing read.  I will say that the cover photo was questionable…not sure its purpose, but all will be revealed in the end.  Patience, my friends.

I also read that this is going to be a movie.  I truly believe that Hollywood has run out of any creativity and needs writers more than ever to keep them in business.  It seems every book I read…eventually becomes a movie and most of the time, I just want them to stay a book.


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