Ghost Story

starter house  If you like stories involving houses with a history…a grisly past of multiple murders…then this book could be for you.  A house where the departed cannot  and will not leave, but instead they chose to stay and torment the new owners….preferrably owners with young children and new babies.  The truly bad news…no live baby has been born since 1971 to any owner of this house.

Lacey (it is hard for me to take this name seriously) & Eric are a newly married couple expecting their first baby.  Lacey teaches 4th grade and adores her job, yet her job does not pay a lot.  Her husband came from money, but that is a thing of the past.  He is now a lawyer working long hours to provide for his new family.  So when Lacey falls in love with an old Cape Cod house in need of repair and TLC….Eric agrees since the price tag is so reasonable.  However, the realtor begs them not to buy the house by simply stating: “People died there”.  Lacey will not listen….she loves the house.

On the first day, Lacey meets a young boy named Drew  whom she believes is one of their neighbors.  Drew is wild and dirty….just like many of the boys she teaches in 4th grade.  Yet, there is something unusual about Drew.  Not everyone can see him….he appears in her house….on the stairs and then disappears.  Lacey begins her own investigation into the history of the house.  She discovers that there is a history of repeated and similar murders all to take place in the house.  Lacey is worried for her unborn child, but she is afraid to tell Eric anything.  She is desperate to make things right with the spirits within and remain in the house.

I enjoyed the book, but I truly wanted it to be more spooky.  This could be because I recently finished watching American Horror Story….the first season Murder House.  That was beyond spooky.  It was nightmares every night spooky.  Starter House by Sonja Condit was a good story….but more like Caspar the not-so-friendly ghost.  I also wanted to like Eric a whole lot more.  His character was one-dimensional and quite dull.  I would have enjoyed a little more development with his character….there was more development with the dog Bibbits than the husband.  Still….I would recommend the book for a quick and fast-paced read.

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