A Pride & Prejudice Novel

bennet  It is best to say that I became Mary Bennet for approximately 24 hours.  I could not put this book too far from my body…it was an extension of me.   I am a sucker for the discreet romance and allure of a Jane Austen novel, I adore Downton Abbey and was in mourning after the last season for days, and I dream of someday living in an old house with 18th century character….I adore this time period.  So when I read the blurb for Pamela Mingle’s novel The Pursuit of Mary Bennet: A Pride & Prejudice Novel, I knew it was for me.

The story follows the sisters of the Bennet family.  The older beautiful sisters, Jane & Elizabeth have both married happily.  The youngest sister, Lydia is involved in quite the scandal while Kitty, the flirtatious one, is seeking a suitor, and then there is seemingly plain, bookish, awkward and sensible Mary.  (This is the one I relate to…hahaha).  Mary’s mother has written her off to be the spinster and the one to take care of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet in their old age.  Mary is accepting of this and prefers to be in a corner at a social gathering with a book….hmmmmm sounds nice.   Then enter Henry Walsh…..an attractive and charming man.  Mary’s interest is piqued, yet she is not the only one to notice this man.  Her beautiful and polished sister Kitty is determined to make Mr. Walsh her husband.  Yet, Henry seems to be interested in Mary….though Mary Bennet is not comfortable with courting and seems to push him into the arms of his sister.  She sees herself as an embarrassment, will she discover her true beauty and worth?    Love this novel and this time period!

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