Hollywood in the 1930’s

ticket    I received an email from new author Steven M. Painter about reviewing his book Take Her for a Ride: A Hollywood Story, and as you know or may not know, I receive book review requests on a daily basis from new authors.  It is impossible for me to accept them all, so I am kind of particular.  I read Mr. Painter’s description about Hollywood in the 1930’s and was intrigued.  I love old Hollywood…..new Hollywood is filled with far too many whistles and bells for my liking.  Old Hollywood seems more mysterious and alluring….romantic.  This could be because I was not alive and have just imaged it that way, but I am just fine with that.

This story takes place after the stock market has crashed and the Great Depression.  Life as they all know it takes a turn for the worse and life in Hollywood is headed for disaster.  Paul Russell is a producer who desperately tries to save his movie studio from collapse.  He is dating an actress who does not want any “help” from Paul.  Her name is Lillian Nelson and she wants to make it in Hollywood on her own merit.  Though being a woman in 1930’s in not as easy and she has hurdles to jump before she can stand on her own.  Everyone in Hollywood is struggling…..can they turn things around?

There are appearances from many real people from this era like: James Cagney, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, and etc.   Mr. Painter has a master’s degree in film studies, so he knows what he is writing about.

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  1. Karin Stamford

    I think this looks good!!!!

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