Beautiful Tribute

mike greenberg  This is a book by Mike Greenberg.  Yes, he is one of the hosts of on ESPN.  So I thought this was odd that he had written a book about 3 women.  A chick book.  I read the dedication and saw that it was written in memory of a good friend of himself and his wife.  Her name was Heidi.  She died of breast cancer.  At the end, I learned about Heidi and what she meant to the Greenberg family.  I also learned that 100% of the profits from the book will be donated to Cancer Research.  What a truly wonderful way to cherish the memory and life of a dear friend.

The story starts with three separate stories of three very different women.  Brooke has  been married happily to her college sweetheart and has twins.  She lives for her family and making them happy.  Samantha is a 28-year-old who has come from money and has just married.  She is in athletic and health-conscious.  She is in Hawaii on her honeymoon when she discovers her husband’s affair….after 2 days of marriage.  And Katherine is about to turn 40 and has put all her time and energy into her career and she worth millions.  Though she has no one to share her life with…except her driver.  All three of these women have breast cancer and form a friendship through an online support group.  This is their story.


I have to add this little bit that bothered me.  Samantha is in Hawaii when she discovers her husband’s infidelity.  She goes out for a run and at the end finds out she just ran 18 miles.  Really?  OK ,maybe.  Then she decides to sign up for the IRONMAN in Kona the next month.  Ummmm… need to qualify for that race.  I guess maybe she had done a previous Ironman and had a qualifying time, but that was not mentioned.  So she begins training and trains for a little over a month.  She finished the race in a little over 10 hours.  Really?  I guess it could be possible, but I am not buying it.  I have a few friends who have competed in Ironmans and have trained for a lot longer than one month.  I am sure Greenberg’s purpose was to show how healthy Samantha was and that she still got cancer.  I think he could have accomplished this by having her run a marathon or something else besides an Ironman.  Enough said on that.

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