Classic Murder Mystery on the water

Book-Cover-Poisoned-Waters  This is the first novel by author, Ermisenda Alvarez and is called POISONED WATERS.  I love the title and the cover!  This story grabbed my attention because it is a mystery….a whodunnit…I am a sucker for mysteries.  In the fashion of Agatha Christie, Alvarez has created a 1950’s mystery aboard a luxury yacht involving the murder of a young, beautiful dancer.  Immediately, the reader is thrust into the action as the body of Helen Gardener is found on deck.  She has been stabbed and brought inside by a fellow dancer.  The owner of the yacht wants the murderer found quickly and this crime hushed up.  All become suspect.

There is is fat, domineering and wealthy jeweler who values power, sex and money above all else….could it be him?  Or perhaps it is his beautiful wife who only married for money and position and is still yearning for love and passion. Could it be Benjamin, the young handsome waiter?  Then there is the cheating husband Michael and his quiet, somber wife.  What about the other dancer who found Helen’s body and brought her to the doctor….but wait what about the doctor?  You find yourself questioning all on aboard and see them all as guilty.  The characters are cleverly crafted and each has a past riddled with secrets.  The twists and turns do not stop in this debut novel, and the action will not be over until the last page.  Even then, you wonder “what now?”  It keeps you thinking.

As a first novel, Alvarez has written a descriptive and well-played mystery that kept my attention.  I look forward to more and predict her career as a writer will flourish.


*This book does have scenes of sex and violence so it is not for the younger reader.

On a side note, be sure to check out the chapter titles…very creative and colorful.

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One response to “Classic Murder Mystery on the water

  1. Thanks for the honest review, Vicki. I’m so glad you noticed the chapter titles! I put a lot of effort to just add that extra sinister touch with the colours changing. 🙂 If you’d like, I can keep you in the loop if I ever do any more blog tours for other novels I may write. In case they peak your interest. Either way, thanks for being part of this blog tour! You’ve been great to work with.

    – Ermisenda

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