And you think you have family problems…

widow   This is a story of the Krause family that spans from 1890-2012, and let me tell you there is a ton of hostility in the men which is  then women then transferred onto the daughter-in-laws. Yikes!  I know we have all heard of mother-in-law horror stories.  This is one of them.  Luckily for me, I have the most fabulous mother-in-law possible….no, I am not kidding or trying to kiss up.  I have been very blessed to have Donna….there is no drama there…just support and love.  However, Kate is not so lucky.  She meets Joe Krause through an online dating site, and they fall in love.  She quickly becomes pregnant and they marry despite the disapproval of Joe’s mother, Trudy as well as Kate’s domineering grandmother.  Kate knows little about Joe and his family, yet she agrees to move to Iowa to live on his family farm that has housed generations of Krause families.

Upon her arrival, she discovers she will be sharing her house with her mother-in-law who does not like her one little bit.   Quickly, Joe begins to turn into another person…someone angry, controlling and abusive.  Kate is scared and alone….she discovers the house holds secrets…a murder that happened years ago that started the Krause Curse.  Now with her arrival, things begin to happen as they did 120 years earlier.  Kate is in serious danger….can she find someone to help her?  Can she escape Joe’s madness?  Can she put an end to the curse?

I enjoyed the book…though I must admit I got a bit confused when they would talk about the past and which character they were talking about.  All the men seemed to be named Joe, Joseph, Jacob or Will….I was easily confused as to who was who.  I would just go back and reread and figure it out.  I am good like that.

I liked Kate’s transformation though I questioned how she truly did a 180 from the timid girl who came to Iowa to a headstrong, determined woman.  I am glad she did….it just happened rather quickly.  Then again, it is fiction and sometimes it is best just did enjoy the story without dissecting it entirely.



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