A great beach/lake read



This book by Shelley Noble is a perfect book to read while sitting on the sand with a view of the ocean, or perhaps while you are sitting on a pier overlooking  quiet, serene lake.  I prefer the latter. Hey, each to their own.  It is called STARGAZEY POINT.  It takes place in a small town along the ocean in South Carolina.  Once the town was  a tourist’s dream, but it has since been beaten down by several hurricanes.  It has seen better days….still it has all the charm and romance one could wish. Enter Abbie Sinclair.   She has just gone through a traumatic event in her life and is in search of some peace….a change…and a chance to clear her mind and find out where she belongs.  One of her close friends has family that lives in Stargazey Point, so Abbie is invited to stay with them at the Crispin plantation home.  It is here she meets the three octogenarians: Beau, Marnie and Millie (great characters by the way) and becomes caught up in the beauty and charm of the town.  However, looming taxes and eroded beaches have made it difficult to maintain a life there.

Abbie grows close to the people in town, and she begins to find her place despite her attempts to stifle that feeling of belonging.  She meets Sarah who is a headstrong student working in the community center, Bethanne who owns the local inn and has experienced tragedy as well, Ervina who is the town’s wisest albeit a bit unorthodox character, and then she meets Cab Reynolds.  Cab has moved back to Stargazey and has inherited his uncle’s carousel which has seen better days, but Cab’s experience as an architect has enabled him to be the man to bring life back to the carousel….but it will cost time and sacrifice…all which he is willing to give up.  When the Abbie and Cab meet, there is a connect between two people who have been hurt in the past and two people who have a desire to save a dying town….can they find a way to move forward…together?

The book was a quick read…very sweet…very enjoyable.  It was a bit predictable, but you know….sometimes I need something predictable.  Something that will make me smile and feel happy inside without having to think too much or be troubled after I have read it.  I am looking forward to more of Abbie and Cab, and I hope there will be another one soon.

I know there is a novella I can download that is a prequel to this book about Cab’s arrival at Stargazey, and I will be downloading that later today.  It is called STARGAZEY NIGHTS.


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