And now for something a bit different

curious  This is a novel by Stephen P. Kiernan called The Curiosity.  The story is intriguing to say the least…it is about a scientific exploration to the Arctic  headed by the beautiful Kate Philo (smart, beautiful, and driven….hmmmm…more on that later.)  The team is there to discover life forms that have been frozen to death.  They have developed the technology to bring small creatures back to life for a small amount of time, and they are now in the market for something larger.  However, they do not expect to discover a human man, but that is just what happens.  They find the body of Jeremiah Rice who fell into the ice and was frozen to death over 100 years ago.

The scientists return the body intact to their lab where they are able to bring the man back to life.  What follows is the ethical debate about this man as a scientific study or as a fellow human being.  Should the scientists treat Jeremiah as a lab rat in order to advance science or should he be released and permitted to live his life without all the experiments and tabloid exposure.  Kate Philo (remember her) begins to fall in love with Jeremiah and a relationship ensues while the evil Carthage (owner of the institute that is conducting these experiments) wants to exploit Jeremiah for his own personal glory.   The story line was fascinating, but the characters of Kate Philo and Erastus Carthage were so stereotypical….a beautiful and smart woman who lives a lonely life falls for the intriguing and handsome Jeremiah Rice while the big, bad Carthage only seeks to promote his Lazarus Project.  I would have liked a little more depth to the characters, but the story line was something different and made me do some research on my own about reanimation.  So there is my silver lining……


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