Welcome to the town of Remarkable!

remarkable   “She was wise enough to know that, despite what most people think, the best things in life are often quite ordinary.”  I adore this quote and feel the need to embrace it more often.  I think we tend to feel that everything has to be out-of-this world in order to mean anything.  When, in fact, simple is truly beautiful.  This is a book for children…middle-age readers, but as an adult I found it rather entertaining.  It is called Remarkable and it is by author Lizzie K. Foley.

Remarkable is a town where everything and everyone is remarkable…except Jane Doe.  Jane is surrounded by remarkable people:  her mother is a remarkable architect, her father…a remarkable novelist, a brother who is a remarkable artist and a younger sister who has remarkable math skills.  Her grandmama is in fact the mayor of Remarkable and may be the most remarkable of all.  But not Jane….she takes after her grandfather…John Doe.  Both are rather ordinary and overlooked.  In fact, Jane is so ordinary that she is the only kid in the whole town to go to the public school while everyone else attends the School for the Remarkably Gifted.

Now insert a sea monster, some pirates and some devilish twins….and a story begins to develop and we discover that being “ordinary”  is so much better than being remarkable in just one thing.

I loved the characters and the word play….so much fun to read!


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  1. Jennifer Butler Basile

    Ooh, another one to add to my list! Thanks for the heads-up.

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