Fast-paced action and terror

out of range    I do not enjoy action movies with the special effects and cars crashes and gunfire blasting in my ears.  I do not enjoy watching stuntmen jump off of buildings and land perfectly unharmed on concrete while holding a weapon of some sort….to me all this is loud and frankly, obnoxious for me to watch.  I have no patience for it.  Now with this said, I had no trouble reading about all these things happening, in fact, I rather enjoyed reading Out of Range  by Hank Steinberg.  I know that millions of people love action movies and love special effects. So my intent is not to insult anyone who loves an action flick.  I appreciate the skill and talent it takes to create special effects, but I prefer quiet over noise.  It is that simple.  Which is why I enjoyed reading this action-filled story of Charlie and Julie Davis.  I did not need a bottle of Advil afterwards.

Six years ago, Charlie was working as a journalist in Uzbekistan with his pregnant wife Julie.  A terrorist attack left Charlie wounded and Julie delivering a baby in the midst of it all.  The couple returns to the states to lead a “normal” life in suburbia.  However, Julie is drawn to go back….back to Uzbekistan and back to the life that she felt made a difference.  She lies to Charlie and makes a secret trip over….this trip begins the events that spiral into a whirlwind adventure of kidnap, murder, danger, terrorism, love, and hate.  Yes, there are gun fights, torture, car crashes, bombs exploding and many more “loud” scenes….luckily I did not have to actually “hear” them, so there was no ringing in my ears or a headache when I put the book down.  I read it quickly because the book was written in a quick flowing sequence of events….it was easy to read and read….there was no added fat to skim over….it is all meat.  (that is a weird analogy, but I’ll go with it).  I liked the ending…it left no questions.

The author is the creator of the TV series Without a Trace,  and he is working on a screenplay for this book.  So it may just become a movie, and I could see how that could be accomplished quite successfully….I just won’t see it.  I prefer the written word.  I guess I am truly OLD school.

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