Dark and erotic vampire tale

dark heroine   I know by now most of us are familiar with Bella and Edward in the Twilight series.  Well, this book, The Dark Heroine: Dinner with a Vampire, takes the idea of love and vampires in a different direction.  Author, Abigail Gibbs, takes the concept of the world of vampires to a different level.  We meet young Violet Lee who is left alone in Trafalgar Square late at night.  She is dressed seductively and vulnerable.  This is when she witnesses a massacre by vampires….she is the sole witness to their carnage and is kidnapped by their Prince….Kaspar Varn.   She is brought back to their mansion and introduced to their life…to their world.  She is disgusted and not intimidated by Kaspar or any of the vampires…which as you can imagine makes her all the more desirable to them.

She wonders why she was not killed…why her life was spared.  She soon discovers the reason.  A war is about to break out and she plays a vital role in the war.  Her life will never be the same as she is seduced by vampires…..and finds she cannot resist the one who she seems to resent the most….Kaspar.  Can she accept the path that her life has taken….will she give in to passion she feels?  If she does, she will have to sacrifice the life she once knew.  All your questions will be answered.

This book is not for young adults…it is more explicit than the Twilight series….just a warning.


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