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registry  If you are a follower of this blog, you know that I am a fan of dystopia literature.  The type of book that takes place in the future after something horrific has happened to the country….to the world….to mankind in general, and daily life has turned into something of a nightmare.  Ultimately, the main characters try desperately to find a better way.  Well….here is a new tale from author Shannon Stoker called The Registry.  It takes place after a war has taken many men, and a disease has been unleashed in America by the government and killed off most of the women.  In order, to recreate a productive population….a bridal registry is created.  Parents school their daughters to be beautiful, giving and irresistible to hopeful husbands while baby boys are sent off immediately to live in government orphanages until the age of 13.  Daughters are the cash makers of the family….so a daughter is valuable…sons are not.   The daughters lead a sheltered life until they are sold off to a husband, and then they are not allowed to see their parents again.

Mia Morrissey has just entered the registry and feels that something is not right with this system….so she runs away with help from her friend Whitney and a farm hand, Andrew.  This begins a very fast-paced chase scene until the end of the novel.  I wanted to love this novel, but there wasn’t time….it moved entirely too fast…..I had to go back because I felt there were gaps in the storyline.  I wanted to learn more about the character of Andrew…more about the registry.  I wanted to slow down and get more detail.  She is writing a second book to continue the story….hopefully, the story will reveal more development.



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