Quietly suspenseful

old woman  Both the title and cover of this book led me to think:  “what is this all about?”   Nothing is given away from first glance…one must open the cover and explore the pages which is what reading is supposed to allow one to do.   I get quite perturb when the insert or back cover list the contents of the books as an outline all drawn out for one to see the beginning, middle, and the end.  Why is this?  I am not grading their manuscript.  I simply want to get lost in a good story, and this title and cover give me enough to pique my interest without giving it all away.
The story follows the events in a tiny neighbor outside of New York City where the majority of the inhabitants are elderly.   Several have passed on, and almost immediately their houses are demolished.  Curious.   Evie, who works in NY for the Historical preservation Society (how cool of a job would that be!), gets word that her mother has taken ill and has been rushed to the hospital.  It is up to Evie to come out and sort through her affairs.  She discovers the house in deplorable conditions, cases of vodka and cigarettes fill the garage, insects and squirrels are residing in part of the house….and then she discovers the envelopes filled with cash.  Lots of cash.  The mystery deepens when she begins a friendship with Mina, the 91 year-old woman who lives across the street.  Together Mina and Evie feel that something is not right…. but who listens to an old woman with Alzheimer’s?

Very well written….with great characters.  This is not a mystery where you will be afraid to turn the lights out, but it will make you realize that suspense and mystery can come from ordinary events….making this a very realistic read.


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