Hooked from the beginning

indiscretion  This is a steamy little novel called Indiscretion by Charles Dubow, and I shamefully admit that I could not stop reading it.  It starts with the independent and saucy Claire.  She is in her late 2o’s….a beautifully sexy girl who has found herself wrapped up in a nowhere relationship with some hedge fund gentleman who has more money than heart.  Yet, this does not bother her…she is not looking for more. However, we all know what happens when you are not looking.

It is during a random weekend in the Hamptons where she meets Harry and Maddy and their company of unique friends.  Harry is a handsome, older,  writer.  Immediately, Claire is drawn to him, but he is happily married to Maddy whom Claire quickly befriends in spite of her impure yearnings.  Since she cannot have Harry as her own, she allows them to “adopt” her and begins to spend every weekend with them and all their friends.  They drink, eat, skinny dip in the ocean, and drink…..a lot.  I am sure you can imagine what happens when you mix a lot of expensive wine, skinny dipping and sexual tension…..(I will allow time for you to imagine).

I will now interrupt your reverie….sorry, but I had to.  Anyway, what really makes this story interesting is the narrator (seriously).  He is a third party….his name is Walter.  He has been the faithful best friend to Maddy since their childhood, and in fact has loved her and only her his entire life.  He has a house next door to Harry and Maddy, and he has been their neighbor for always.  Walter tells this breathy, passionate yet tragic tale.  You knew it had to be tragic….what good can come from indiscretions?

The ending is something I did not expect….I feel a little sad, but that usually happens when I finish a book I could not put down. Luckily, I have many more books waiting for me….life is splendid!

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