Suspense, love and murder……could not put down

left behind  OK….OK…..I loved this story!  I picked it up and started to read it on the way home from Virginia (a six-hour drive)…..I was glued to the pages for half the drive….turning the pages forgetting where I was.  The story is The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon.  It is the tale of a serial killer in the year 1985 in a small New England town.  A bit grisly, so I will spare those details for those with weak stomachs. Not that the story is terribly  grisly, but I have learned that the definition for grisly varies for everyone.

The story follows Reggie who is 13 years old in 1985 and lives a dysfunctional family life….her mother was once a beauty queen, but has now become an alcoholic and a bit of a whore.    Reggie’s only friends are the town’s misfits who smoke, cut, and a variety of not so wholesome activities.  It is during the summer of 1985 when the bodies of women begin to pile up.  The serial killer, Neptune, follows a set pattern….he keeps the women alive for 4 days, and then on day 5 he murders them.  Reggie’s mother becomes Neptune’s last victim; however, her body does not show up on day 5 or ever.  She is presumed dead.  And life goes on.

25 years later, Reggie, who has not stepped a foot into her old hometown of Brighton Falls, receives word that her mother has been found.  Reggie leaves her somewhat solitary life as a world-renowned architect to return to her hometown where Neptune has also returned.

I don’t want to give much detail, but I loved the pace….I loved the story.  I loved Reggie and found myself rooting for her.  I came close to figuring out the identity of Neptune, and I think I knew it to be true early on…..just wasn’t confident with my instinct.  Anyone who loves suspense and action will appreciate this book.




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2 responses to “Suspense, love and murder……could not put down

  1. Pamela Ellison

    Momma loves to read……………….. xo

  2. Karen Ramsey

    Tough to choose one of the 2 based on your write-ups, but since it’s the school year, I guess I’d better not try reading a book you can’t put down. Love & Lightning by default!

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