A bit of love touched with the supernatural

lightning  This is such a sweet story….such a pleasant read.  Remarkable characters….original story line….I really enjoyed this little story: The Truth About Love & Lightning by Susan McBride.  She has written a love story that spans decades that involves 60-something Gretchen Brink who lives with her two fabulous twin sisters: Trudy & Bennie  in a tiny farmhouse in the midwest, her daughter Abby who lives in Chicago, and Sam Winston….a man who is more than just a man, who just happens to appear one day.

There is a secret that has haunted Gretchen for the past 39 years….she gave birth to a baby girl Abby.  At the same time, Sam, Gretchen’s one true love, goes missing and is presumed dead.  Flash forward 39 years and we find Abby pregnant and unwed, but involved.  She is confused and scared….and shows up at the family farmhouse after a tornado has hit the town and bringing with it a mysterious man who has lost his memory.  This man has no identification, but he seems bizarrely familiar to all the women on the farm.  How did he get there?  It doesn’t seem possible, yet it must be.  Gretchen is drawn to this man…she takes to nurturing him and at the same time, Abby is convinced this mysterious man is her long-lost father.

The story flashes back and forth through several generations revealing rich characters and a wonderful story that is truly one of a kind.  I would recommend this for those who love a good love story.


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2 responses to “A bit of love touched with the supernatural

  1. Pamela Ellison

    This book sounds like one i will not want to put down……. my cup of tea~

  2. Gina Herrington

    I am a sucker for the love story too, but is there an Edward or Jacob in this one?

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