Debut Mystery Writer

  I had the privilege of reading Betty McMahon’s first mystery novel that she has published herself!.  It is called A Rendezvous to Die For.    I had no idea what a Rendezvous was until reading this original mystery tale.  The book takes place in Minnesota (I would love to go to Minnesota!!), and the story centers around a  grisly murder that occurs at the Rendezvous….I guess this would be a good me to give a brief description of a Rendezvous.   It is a “weekend reenactment festival involving local citizen and Indians from the nearby reservation”.    So the people dress as trappers and such and live as if it is still the 19th century…they stay in character all weekend.  This is where ex New Yorker, Cassandra Cassidy comes into the story.  She is a lone wolf of sort, and she herself is a mysterious character.  She  is a professional photographer.  She is there to photograph the weekend.  Unfortunately, for her, she discovers the victim of the gruesome crime.  The story takes off from here….more bodies begin to pile up, the local police are heading in the wrong direction….in fact Cassandra is one of the prime suspects.  She is in a race not only to prove her innocence,  but to save her own skin.  The serial killer has her in his sites……

I must admit, the book was a bit slow in the middle, but I believe that was to set up this neatly woven mystery, but once I hit that last 60 pages…I could not put it down.  I flew through it.  A well-developed story….interesting characters….I am hoping there is more because I feel there is more to Cassandra’s character that is still a mystery to me.

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