Pay Attention lovers of Dystopia!

I have just had the pleasure of receiving and reading an early copy of John Barlow’s latest book….Islanders!   I feel quite privileged to have read the book before its release date (which is later this month).  I am a fan of dystopia….a big fan.  So I feel like I know a bit about the subject.  I will tell you Islanders  did not disappoint.  Here is the scenario: the people of this world have made a mess of things on the mainland.  Power has gotten to their heads, greed has taken over and all sense of compassion is gone.  The mainland is in disarray and survival is the only concern.

The book opens on an island where brave, young & loyal Ben is being chased by two rather large, overbearing twin boys…..the action starts on page one….I love that, and so do students.  What better way to grab their attention and get them trapped in a book.  Ben was born on the Island.  The Twins were brought here.  Ben is an Islander, and they are Survivors.  Though they quickly discover they are on the same side.   The chase leads them to the shore where they find something…someone….with a clue to where the Survivors came from and where Ben’s dad may be located.  Ben is driven to find his father and to discover what is out beyond the island.  He recruits a small group and they set off….off to find a better place, his father, but ultimately a solution for complete survival for all on the island.  You see, they have been on this island for 13 years and supplies and food are becoming scare….they need a solution.  Thirteen year-old Ben answers that call.

Their adventure takes them to a place with mutated creatures, genetically melted people, the Complex and answers to many questions.  The story moves fast and is filled with amazing backdrops, unforgettable characters and a story you want to continue even after the last page.

I am certain there will be a sequel (I am hoping).  This is one well worth reading!


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