Clever and witty love tale

   OK….maybe I should not have labeled this a “love tale” because it is not along the lines of Nicholas Sparks or a Harlequin Romance.   Charlotte Street by Danny Wallace is ever so much more clever…more original….more real than any of that.  This is the tale of Jason Priestley (not THAT Jason Priestley) who has found himself unengaged to the “love of his life” and unemployed by choice due to a brief tragic moment in his professional life.  He finds himself living with his best bud Dev in an apartment.  Said apartment is located over the video game exchange shop that Dev owns and operates in London.  Jason finds himself working for the free city magazine London Now  writing reviews for restaurants people would never eat at, watching movies no one wants to see and attending art shows with no artistic talent.

And then (you knew there was a “and then”), Jason has a chance encounter with a strikingly beautiful woman…not only once….but twice.  Both encounters are brief, but enough to take over his thoughts.  During one of the encounters, she drops several packages and he helps her pick them up.  However, in the commotion, she leaves behind a disposable career in Jason’s hands.  He now struggles with trying to find her to return the camera, develop the pictures and learn more about her or just throw the camera away and forget the whole thing.  Luckily, for you he does not do the latter.  This is where the story turns interesting.

With surprising support and encouragement from several characters, Jason develops the pictures that lead him on a hunt of sorts to find the beautiful girl in the blue coat and red shoes.  It could seem like stalking and a bit creepy….or it could simply be a boy following his heart based a chance encounter in order to complete this “love tale”. It answers the questions for all those people who may have walked by someone on the street and made eye contact or saw someone on a train or a bus…..and thought “maybe she is the one?”  Yet the moment passes and there is no way of knowing and you go on with your life.


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